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VaporX XPS Express E-Liquid Vaporizer Starter Kit


The VaporX XPS electronic personal portable vaporizer is the ideal accessory for all your smoking urges!

Enjoy your favorite flavored e-juice without the second hand smoke, flame, ash or odors!


The XPS vaporizer kit is perfect for those who want to take the trouble out of finding the right vape. The kit includes all the basics you need to stop smoking and start vaping your favorite e-liquids!
ejuice eliquid for e-liquid vaporizer pens

The VaporX XPS Express Vaporizer Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 X VaporX XPS Lithium Ion Battery (650 MAH)
  • 1 X VaporX XL Tank Cartomizer
  • 1 X VaporX XPS USB Charging Cable
  • 1 X VaporX E-Juice (2ml)
  • Covered by Our Lifetime Battery Warranty!
  • *This item is not compatible with the XRT chambers
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